uber eats.

We Are Social | 2020

Social, Design

With online gaming becoming one of the largest online communities in today's social landscape, we helped Uber Eats tap into Twitch and spread some love among the gaming community by teaming up with two of Twitch’s biggest streamers, Manny and Miniminter.

Using Twitch’s ‘raiding’ feature, Manny and Miniminter dropped in on unsuspecting gamers over a series of live matches to direct their followers to their streams. There was also a Fifa competition on the cards for the two influencers with the loser having to eat extra hot wings (delivered by Uber Eats) as a forfeit.


This campaign saw unprecedented engagement on a platform often ignored by brands outside the gaming community and has given a look into the possibilities of advertising campaigns on Twitch. Content for the campaign ran across Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch.


To find out more on the #BRINGIT campaign, visit We Are Social.