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Going into the 2022 Womens Euro's, adidas footballer, Ellen White was on the verge of making history to become England's all-time top goal scorer. Prepping for the landmark moment we decided to create a film that catalogued Ellen's goals with an adidas t-shirt that answered Ian Wright's famous Nike one (179 Just Done It) for Ellen to wear.

The idea developed with us unable to use footage of Ellen playing for England (due to the Nike sponsor) and any commentary of her goals without paying for rights. With no visual, and no audio we created our own that told the remarkable story of Ellen's journey.

We went to Ellen's old school in Aylesbury and filmed the kids recreating the icon's goals as we ticked through them with our own tailor-made commentary and our animated t-shirt counter.

Unfortunately, Ellen never made it to the landmark 54 and shockingly bowed out of professional football on 53 international goals.

That said we had a whole suite of assets prepped for the moment;

A hero film for social, tshirts printed to send in bespoke boxes to other adidas footballers to wear and share, DOOH planned along with further social content.

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